Fires can be Prevented With the Right Equipment and Parts in Place

There is nothing more important in a building than the fire suppression system. No commercial or industrial building should go without one or go without one. That also means that the system needs to be known for quality and reliability. The same for the parts. That is why a company does not need knockoff Ames 3000SS parts installed in a fire protection system. Double check detector assemblies are an important part of the system.

Regulatory Concerns

There is a reason that the fire suppression is checked yearly by a fire marshal. Commercial and industrial fires have caused the loss of lives and serious injuries since such buildings were first created. The modern fire suppression system can not afford a backflow that will harm any part of it. That is why there needs to be quality Ames 3000SS parts installed into the detector assemblies or this can happen. It would be hoped this would be caught by the people on a regular inspection visit, but most likely it will be a real emergency that shows something is wrong.

People Matter

When a person builds a building that will have people constantly being active, fire is a concern. The people in the building do not need to worry that the property owner sees them as dollar values. Ames 3000SS parts are just one part of showing that people matter. Always make sure that double check detector assemblies work or lawyers and insurance companies will be assigning dollar values. Fire can be stopped.

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