Five Facts about Your Walnut Creek Vet

Veterinarians are some of the most educated professionals. They can treat a wide variety of animals and the illnesses to which they are vulnerable. Here are some facts about your Walnut Creek vet that you may be interested to know.

Competitive Career
Veterinarians have to be very motivated and knowledgeable in order to succeed in the pet health industry. There are fewer than 30 veterinary colleges in the entire nation, making it one of the most competitive careers. An aspiring veterinarian must take four years of courses to qualify as a DVM, or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinarian Specialties

Your Walnut Creek Vet might only specialize in dogs, cats and small pets. However, there are many specialty areas in which a veterinarian can choose to place his or her focus. Some veterinarians choose to focus on aquatic animals, including dolphins, fish and other underwater creatures. Other vets might choose to specialize in the field of birds and reptiles. After achieving a DVM, a vet can also extend their skills and education by studying topics like toxicology for animals, animal behavior and other specialty areas.

Exams and Testing
Once a person graduates with a DVM degree, they aren’t done with the process of becoming a vet. A potential Walnut Creek vet must next pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Board Exam. This is an eight-hour licensing exam which must be taken and passed in order to receive a veterinarian license.

Various Challenges
According to recent studies, veterinarians suffer from some of the highest levels of stress over most other occupations. Vets have heavy workloads and they work very long hours in order to meet the needs of their clients’ pets. Some veterinarians are also on call at all hours of the night and they generally work on holidays, making their careers very challenging. Another challenge that a vet faces on a daily basis is having to deal with clients who are highly emotional. When a person brings their pet in for emergencies, they can be difficult to deal with since they are concerned about their pet’s condition and prospects for recovery. A vet has to help calm down pet owner and help them make the best decision for their pet.

Continuing Development
Being a vet takes a lot of time. In addition to doing their job, they must also continue their training and development. In order to provide the best treatment, they have to know about the latest developments in treating and diagnosing pets. They have to read clinical journals, attend seminars and much more to ensure they can continue to provide great care for pets and their owners.

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