Five Janitorial Supplies to Buy in Bulk

The two things influencing purchases the most are time and money. Shopping for wholesale cleaning products is becoming a popular choice since it can save both time and money. It’s also highly convenient because you can shop whenever you have the time. Of all the supplies you’re going to need, these five janitorial supplies need to be purchased in bulk.

  1. Disinfectant Products. There are lots of types of disinfectants and they come in a variety of forms. You’ll find hand sanitizers, liquid floor cleaners and disinfectant wipes, plus a lot more. These types of products need to be on hand for every job to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

  2. Bathroom Cleaners. Commercial facilities of all sizes need bathroom cleaners. Most establishments need the bathrooms cleaned daily to prevent cross-contamination. You want to help your clients maintain the highest standard of hygiene by keeping these janitorial supplies on hand.

  3. Floor Care Products. Part of the general upkeep for any cleaning business is keeping floors clean. Consider keeping floor cleaners, strippers and floor waxes all on hand. Remember, spills, dirt, snow or mud need a little more attention than the daily routine.

  4. Glass Cleaners. Keeping glass windows clean is important. Some businesses like hospitals or clinics may need windows cleaned more than once daily. Keep glass cleaners in your vehicle to ensure you can keep windows and glass surfaces sparkling clean.

  5. Disposable Gloves. Disposable gloves are essential for protecting workers from the harsh chemicals in most cleaning and janitorial supplies. Exposure to chemicals can cause skin irritation, rashes and even burns. Wearing disposable gloves can help keep everyone safe.

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