Fixing Foundation Problems and Crooked Doors in Hawaii

One problem the Hawaiian landscape presents to both residential and commercial property owners is the lack of a consistent subsurface ground layer. Traveling around the islands reveals varying surfaces that structures can be built on but often produce a stability challenge down the line. When foundation shifting starts and property owners are dealing with issues as significant as large cracking or as minor as Crooked Doors in Hawaii, investing in the skills of a structural engineering company will help solve any shifting issues before the property is beyond repair.

Make a Property Level Again

Righting a foundation depends on the type of soil in the affected area, so companies like Structural Systems Inc are skilled in three different solution techniques. In one instance, a series of helical piles are driven into the strong underground substrate and then attached to the foundation so that the structural weight is transferred away from the weakened soil. In other conditions, a strong polymer grout is injected into the soil which then expands to push the foundation up and form a sturdy base layer. The third option calls for the injection of a soil stabilizer that eliminates the cohesion between water and soil so the newly supported area remains dry and firm.

Don’t Overestimate the Price of Remediation

A slight shift in the foundation may not be immediately noticeable by owners unless a door sticks or window doesn’t close properly. Many people dismiss this until the situation worsens or they feel a slope in the flooring. Since signs like Crooked Doors in Hawaii point to an issue with the foundation property owners should waste no time requesting a free quote from a foundation remediation company. Trained to handle foundation problems under a variety of conditions, these experts will quickly be able to pinpoint the overall issue and devise a solution that safely levels the structure.

Strengthen Weakened Concrete

In addition to foundation repairs, many structural engineering groups also provide repairs for large areas of reinforced concrete. The climate of Hawaii accelerates the deterioration of reinforced concrete, especially if it was constructed years ago when corrosion of the steel reinforcement wasn’t considered during construction. As these materials crack and spall, companies like Structural Systems can come in to employ remediation techniques that are guaranteed to eliminate the problems and provide customers with a much stronger concrete material that will last for years without suffering additional problems.

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