Flange Bolt And Gasket Sets: Common Applications

Flange bolts, not to be confused with the common flange, are invaluable fasteners. Gaskets are mechanical seals placed between two objects joined together. Both are made of various materials; however, in the manufacture of gaskets, the preference is for flexible substances such as rubber or cork. In the petrochemical and other businesses flange bolt and gasket sets are the perfect pair for a variety of applications.

Common Applications

Flange bolts are fasteners. They resemble a regular flange but have a skirt that stretches from the head outwards. Combined with a gasket, the flange bolt ensures tight and precise bonding of two mating materials in several applications including:

  • Automotive Industry: Flange bolts are ideal for use in improving the durability and reliability of a car’s exhaust system as well as providing a solid and secure outer casing to protect its engine and the transmission.
  • Construction: Large flange bolts are often found in use on construction projects. This includes the building of oilrigs, ships, and energy plants.
    Electronics: Small flange bolts and gaskets are used to connect such things as the lens glass of a camera to its body.
  • Plumbing: Flanged bolts and gaskets quickly and efficiently connect two pipes together. They are effective whether the material the pipes are transporting is fluid or gas.

In addition to these specific industrial applications, flange bolt and gasket sets are the perfect fastener combination when the need is for something a joiner that is small and easy to install in a cramped mobility-restrictive space. They require fewer tools than other fasteners do.

Flange Bolt and Gasket Sets

In the automotive, construction and plumbing industry, connective devices play a crucial role in securing various components. While many options are available, many applications are best suited by using flange bolts. Combined with gasket seals flange bolt and gasket sets produce the right results for many industrial applications.

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