Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

Remember when real estate searches were characterized by realtors who scoured MLS listings, bringing clients the best match for their particular criteria? Now that the internet has brought home searching right to the fingertips of clients, scouring realtor-oriented websites are a thing of the past. Sure, realtors definitely understand the ins and outs of home-buying better than their clients do. However, clients now have the power to search out available homes in record time.

But what does that mean for realtors? For starters, clients have still been compensating realtors for the same job that they, themselves, have now taken on. While agents aren’t just sitting back and taking it easy, they have eliminated a very important task. Clients are now bringing available homes that meet their search criteria straight to the agent.

Why Choose Flat Fee Commissions?
With an increase in real estate legality, realtors are required now more than ever in the home-buying process. In fact, real estate commissions have recently increased with the growing economy. A key concept of home-buying or selling is that realtors provide a service. It can be argued that one who provides a service should not be paid with a percentage of your home’s value. Flat fee real estate in Connecticut brings a realtor’s fees down to an affordable rate for both home buyers and sellers, alike.

Flat Fee Commission as a Current Option
What many clients do not realize is the flat fee commission rate options are already built into the standard real estate contract. Commissions are always negotiable, and these rates may include flat fee options for your particular agent. The key to discovering your real estate funding options is to ask. Many clients are simply too nervous to ask their agent or lack the knowledge of available options. Flat fee real estate in Connecticut is an advantageous type of funding for all.

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