Food Allergies and Solutions

Food allergies come with a whole host of problems.  Some of those problems are the same across the board and others vary from person to person.  The solution to the food allergy is often the same, however, and those solutions are essential to moving forward with every day life.

If you suffer from food allergies, you might wonder why you have the problem in the first place.  Addressing the “why” of the issue can often solve the problem and help you move on with your life.

Heredity is often a cause of some of the most common food allergies.  Heredity definitely plays a role because the recessive gene has been linked to many of the most prominent food allergies.  Another cause is repeated exposure to the same foods, especially when they are brought to the person in large quantities.  There are many other factors that contribute to food allergies and the severity of the issues can often be determined by how allergy prone each individual can be.

One of the most common food allergies combines many different allergies into one.  Food experts call this allergy a “leaky gut.”  It means that there are small openings in the intestine that can allow food that has not been completely digested out into the bloodstream.  The liver usually processes foreign substances and makes them fit for the body, but if a lot of undigested food enters the bloodstream, it can overload the liver.  The immune system will recognize the foreign items and it will produce antibodies to fight them off.  The antibodies will then bind with the food and travel through the body to areas that can cause problems.

There are many internal factors that can contribute to this issue.  A person with a leaky gut could end up with poor digestion, nutritional deficiencies, and inflammatory bowel diseases.  The cycle, overall, is quite vicious and there are many factors that can contribute to how severely it affects each person.

Many people with food allergies suffer from impaired digestion.  When they do not digest their food completely, the leaking of that food into the bloodstream can cause a lot of the allergy-like symptoms to occur.  Vitamin C is often recommended as an anti-allergy vitamin.  This vitamin can help stabilize the cells so they will not release as many substances to fight the food that ends up in the bloodstream.  Good health is always a good way to combat allergies and food allergies are included.  The best thing a person can do is remain as healthy as possible to have good intestinal health.  After that, doctors can make recommendations on how to combat the specific food allergies you might have ailing your digestive track on a normal basis.

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