Four Common Things That Can Cause You Pressure Washer Problems

Chicago pressure washer parts come in handy. You may need spares to repair common problems that pressure washers sometimes develop as they age. In this article, we’ll cover the causes of four common types of problems you might encounter and how to repair them.

Water Pressure Problems

A pressure washer can suffer from a couple of different pressure problems. If the water pressure drops after the first few seconds, you begin running it; this can be caused by a bad unloader valve or a clogged nozzle. A failing pump can also cause the pressure to rise and fall or become inconsistent. If the unloader valve is damaged badly, it stops the water from flowing at all.

Water Leaks

Broken seals in different parts of a pressure washer will cause water leaks. Leaks can develop in the pump, hoses, and valves that a pressure washer uses to move water from a source and pressurize it. Once you discover the source of the leak, you’ll be able to ascertain the part that needs to be replaced.

Gas Power Washer Issues

Gas-powered pressure washers have a couple of problems that their motors can develop. Like other combustion engines, they can leak oil when their seals harden and crack. Sometimes the leaky seals can allow water to leak into the motor’s oil. Either way, you’ll need to replace the motor’s seals to fix the problem.

Electric Pressure Washer Problems

Corded or battery-powered pressure washers can suffer from a loss of power if the voltage supplied drops too low. The battery may need charging, or there may be a problem with the electric motor that runs the washer. Either way, the problem is usually solved by replacing the part with the electrical fault.

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