Four Things that Utilize Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is used in a wide variety of applications. In fact, it’s probably used in instances that you never would have even imagined. The process is a long one and it involves feeding materials through a heated barrel and then into a mould where it is shaped into the intended shape. Here are some common products developed with this type of process.

Car Parts

Many auto companies are getting away from using metals in their products and moving towards using plastics. In fact, they have been making this move for several years. When you look at your vehicle, you may not even realize all of the parts that are used from the injection moulding process. Your wheel trims are likely made from this process even though they might look like they are made from aluminum or alloy. The lenses on your headlights and taillights on your vehicles are made from this process, too. Take a look around your vehicle and take notice of the parts that are made from plastic moulding and other materials. You may just surprise yourself.

Household Products

There are many things you will find in your home that are made from the injection and moulding process. Do you have plastic trash bins located around your home? If so, those have been made using this process. Do you have laundry tubs around your home? Those are made using the same process as plastic auto parts.

Decks and Decking

More and more homeowners are adding decks on to their homes to improve their value and appearance. A nice deck also gives you many opportunities for relaxing in nice weather in the outdoors. While many decks are made from wood, there are many decks that are being moulded from plastic and other materials. These types of decks are more durable than wood because they aren’t as vulnerable to the weather conditions and they will last longer than wooden decks.

Safety Barriers

Injection moulds can be used for safety purposes as well. Many of the safety barriers that you see for crowd control and other purposes are made from durable and hard plastics. They are more cost effective than barriers made from other materials and they are more lightweight making them easier to carry around from one area to another. But that doesn’t mean their durability and strength is sacrificed. Plastic barriers provide the protection and strength needed in many situations to keep people safe and limited to certain physical locations.

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