Four Times to Take a Dog to See Veterinarians in Yorktown NY

Countless people get dogs for pets, often before they realize how much care and attention is needed for them. Regular check-ups are needed for pets, just as they are for people. Veterinarians in Yorktown NY will care for dogs and ensure they are in good health. There are four main times to take a dog to see a veterinarian.

Suspected Pregnancy

When a dog is suspected to be pregnant, she sho uld be taken to see a veterinarian right away. The veterinarian will perform an ultrasound to determine the dog is, in fact, pregnant. If she is, the animal doctor will provide the owner will detailed information on how to take care of her in her time of need. Diet requirements are different in this situation, as well as the amount of rest and help the dog may need.

Weight Loss Assistance

Pets can struggle with weight problems just as people do. explains how nutrition counseling is an important service for many dogs. This counseling walks owners through the amount of food a dog should be getting each day and provides details on the type of ingredients their food should contain.

Dental Care

While people have access to a separate doctor and dentist, pets do not have the same luxury. Instead, the veterinarian’s office is where dental care will be provided for dogs. This can include an x-ray of the teeth to see where the problems are, and routine dental work to correct any issues. Dogs can feel pain in their mouths just as people do, so it is important to get any dental work taken care of quickly.


Immunizations are available for dogs. There is a certain schedule that should be followed for these immunizations, starting from the time they are puppies. Shots for the parvovirus, parainfluenza, rabies, hepatitis, and Lyme disease, among others, are needed. At five weeks, six weeks, nine weeks, 12 weeks, 15 weeks, and every year as an adult, a combination of these shots are required to keep the dog as healthy as possible.

Veterinarians in Yorktown NY are available throughout the day to answer phone calls and see patients in need. Most of the time, an appointment is needed, but there are some cases when a dog will be seen as needed. Dogs require a lot of love and care, and regular visits to the veterinarian are just one part of ensuring that happens.

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