Four Tips to Help You Select the Best Lift Truck Rental Company for Your Job

Many small and large projects require lift trucks. Renting one can be a cost-effective way to complete the job. When you search for a lift truck rental near me, you may discover there are plenty of options available, but here are the top four things to factor in before making your final decision.

1. Engines

Manufacturers build diesel and electric lift trucks. Gas engines are traditional and often the most popular, but an electric vehicle might be required in an indoor or covered setting. Having fuel options means you have more flexibility to get the work done quicker.

2. Rental Agreement

For long-term use, you may get a discount. The terms of service may be slightly different than if someone is renting one for a day. If a business owner thinks they will be using a piece of equipment frequently and continually, a rent-to-own contract can be more favorable to them.

3. Style

To refine your lift truck rental near me research, narrow down the style of truck your job will need. All-terrain and construction models will suit most big and small outdoor building projects. Warehouse lifts make it possible for you to move materials in tight spaces, and attachments are also available, such as clamps and arms.

4. Rate

Find out if the fee covers delivery and pick up. To get the equipment to the job site, you might need it hauled, and this is usually a separate cost, but the transport time is often not billed for. For more information on lift truck rentals, contact Russell Equipment, Inc. at

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