Four ways to Deal With Workplace Bullying

Getting up every day and going to work is already difficult for a lot of people, and throwing workplace bullying and conflict in the mix is only a recipe for disaster. It can also lead to things such as depression, lack of productivity, and even job termination. If you are being bullied or harassed at work, here are four things you can do to stop it.

Document everything

Are they calling you names? Are they spreading lies about your work ethic? How about touching you or making inappropriate comments? Make sure to document everything they do and any key witnesses.

Take time to compose yourself

Being bullied or harassed in the workplace is a very mentally painful experience, and people tend not to think straight when they are in a bad place mentally, so take time to relax, cool down, and process your feelings.

Report the abuse to the HR department

Report the bullying to the boss or manager of the company. Depending on how they react to the situation, you will be told what to do next or if you should press criminal charges or not.

Hire a lawyer

If you are unsatisfied with how your job dealt with the complaint, you have physical or notable damages from the bullying, or they did nothing, then it’s time to hire a lawyer.

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