Free Yourself from MRI Claustrophobia with Open MRI

Claustrophobia, the extreme and irrational fear of small, enclosed spaces, can be terrifying to live with. Many claustrophobic people manage to navigate their daily lives successfully, traversing spaces both open and closed with relative ease. Some situations are inherently claustrophobia-inducing, however, and the consequences thereof can be disastrous. Classified as an anxiety disorder by the medical establishment, claustrophobia often causes severe panic attacks in sufferers, and this can be a major setback in numerous areas of life.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, machines are used by medical professionals to create images of the internal structures of the human body. They take particularly clear images of the skeleton, joints, and muscles, but are also commonly used to check for the bulky masses within vital organs that characterize a malignant tumor. MRI machines use non-ionized radiation, meaning that they are safer than nuclear forms of radiology or radiography, and recent improvements in MRI technology have led to MRI becoming the preferred method of diagnosing in-utero maladies for fetuses.

Claustrophobia and the MRI

MRI claustrophobia is widespread throughout the United States. Although magnetic resonance imaging is widely used to diagnose muscular abnormalities, skeletal problems, and even cancer, claustrophobic people can suffer from anxiety-induced panic attacks even when confronted with the thought of entering the tiny, enclosed space of a traditional closed MRI machine. This, of course, is entirely understandable, as most MRI machines involve a large magnetic ring through which the patient must pass, forcing them into a capsule-like tube. For claustrophobic people in remission from cancer or who need a diagnosis of a mysterious muscular malady, this presents a terrible conundrum with potentially dire health risks. Avoiding an MRI might mean a later diagnosis of disease, which reduces the effectiveness of treatment. That’s why open MRI machines were invented, allowing many a claustrophobe to rest easy.

Open MRI

Traditional closed MRI machines work by effectively enclosing the patient in the magnetic ring. While this method is effective and time-tested, it is extremely stressful for claustrophobic people, and can even cause bouts of temporary MRI claustrophobia in those who have never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Open MRI machines, on the other hand, take on a C-shape, with the powerful magnets located in the top and bottom of the machine. The patient simply lies between the magnets and can face out of the enormous gap in the side of the machine, circumventing the issue of claustrophobia and allowing them to receive a potentially lifesaving medical procedure with security and peace of mind.

If you are looking to undergo an open MRI session, try to go to a board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologist with plenty of experience in the field to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible care.

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