Freestanding Lead Shields For Radiology

There are many different options available to medical clinics, hospitals, dental offices, doctor’s offices, and even veterinary practices to provide protection from exposure to radiation. This type of radiation is from imaging machines and x-ray systems, and it tends to be low-level types of radiation.

While it is possible to use radiation shielding in the form of lead plate, lead sheet or lead-lined gypsum and lead-lined plywood, this is often more significant shielding that is required. To help to reduce the cost of construction, expansion or upgrades of current x-ray and imaging rooms or for use in patient rooms, consider adding freestanding lead shields for radiology application.


With the use of portable lead shields for radiology, the shields can be mounted on frames with casters for easy movement. These can be a flat shield that can be placed beside the equipment control to allow the technician or operator to simply step behind the shield during the x-ray.
The advantage of this over having the technician step out of the room is the patient is always visible. To provide full protection as well as full visibility, x-ray glass can be inserted into the lead shields for radiology for a clear line of sight.

Increased Protection

For use in permanent locations where x-ray equipment is used, a more permanent freestanding booth or compartment can be designed. As with the portable type of system, it can include both solid walls as well as the x-ray glass.

This makes it easy for the x-ray technician to have a permanent and shielded workspace in the x-ray room. These systems may be designed to have a door or an entrance that is designed to face away from any radiation used in the room.

Offering a low-cost option, these designs meet all the requirements for federal standards for radiation protection based on the type of equipment in use.

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