Freezer And Refrigerator Rooms Made Simple With California Based Hansen Construction

Do you have a lot of perishable items in your business supply chain? All those fresh fruits and veggies need somewhere to go. Hansen Cold Storage Construction is an expert organization at handling the development of facilities to store items that need a cooler temperature. Professional Cold storage manufacturers in California are essential because the state grows so much produce that needs to be shipped to locations across the nation.

Building a facility that keeps a cool temperature is a complicated project. It requires expert technicians to get it done on time and under budget. Hansen Cold Storage Construction wants to be the company that you choose to handle that type of job.

Visualize this scenario. You are managing the branch operations for a major supermarket chain. Your suppliers are farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. They are growing lots of nice strawberries that are popular with your customers. You know that you need a dedicated facility to store all your strawberry shipments. You do not know how to handle all the demand. Hansen Cold Storage Construction steps in. Our salespeople contact you and let you know that we can develop a new cold building at a good price. You decide to invest in this idea.

This is just a quick example of what Hansen Cold Storage Construction does for its customers. We are preeminent among cold storage manufacturers in California. We value our 31 years and counting of happy customers. If you want to learn more about how we can help your situation, give us a call at 323-846-5676. We look forward to receiving your questions.

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