Frequently Asked Questions About Using Heating Oil In Branford

If you’re new to heating your home with heating oil, you probably have many questions about this type of home heating system. Before contacting a Heating Oil Branford area company for oil delivery, learn basic information about heating with oil by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How does heating oil work and is it safe for individuals to use it in their homes?

A.) Heating oil is either used with an oil furnace or an oil boiler, and they are both very safe methods for heating the home. An oil furnace heats the air through the oil burner’s flame, and an oil boiler utilizes the flame to heat water, which then travels through pipes to heat the home. Heating oil is unable to burn while it’s in liquid form and it has to reach a temperature of over 140 degrees Fahrenheit before it vaporizes and is able to ignite. If the heating system begins to fail, homeowners will see or smell smoke, and this indicates the need for a technician.

Q.) Is using heating oil an efficient and cost effective method of heating a home?

A.) Modern heating oil systems are very cost-effective when compared with alternative heating methods, such as natural gas and electric. Some of the modern brands of oil heating systems are over 90 percent efficient. Purchasing heating oil is also an affordable option and individuals notice that heating with oil provides excellence warmth in the home.

Q.) How many years can a homeowner expect an oil heating system to last?

A.) Oil heating systems typically last longer than gas furnaces and many homeowners use the same oil heating system for over 30 years. To ensure that their heating system lasts as long as possible, homeowners are encouraged to contact a heating oil company in Branford area at least once every year to perform a maintenance check on their system.

When you need heating oil delivered to your home or business, contact the professionals at Metro Energy. This experienced company also provides heating maintenance services, and heating and cooling products including air conditioners, oil furnaces, and baseboard radiators.
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