Full Color Printing and Design

Embroidery companies deal not only in embroidery itself, but also in the art of full color printing and picture design. By using heat sublimation, they are able to achieve stunning bright colors that do not fade or smudge. They can print these designs on everything from clothing to coffee mugs. It has never been easier to have your own custom t-shirt or other clothing items printed. The technique of color sublimation allows you to print full color prints and designs on to a variety of items, not always just items that are made of fabric. Things that are often printed with this method include shoes, flip flops, phone cases, plaques, apparel, and just about anything else you could imagine that you would ever want to print anything on. This technique has been used for over 40 years now, and it has been perfected over the years to maintain the standard of quality that people want with their items.

Personalizing Your Items with Color Sublimation

To many people having a personalized item adds to the sense of individuality. Simply the idea of having something that nobody else has is a treasure in its own. If you are looking for a place to find out more information, then there are several embroidery companies in Lenexa that deal in personalization and sublimation color dying. The art of embroidery and color dying share similar roles, and there are many options available. Any of the Lenexa companies that deal in this type of work will be able to guide you to know what the different processes are, and what your choices are to have the printing technique that you want.

How Does The Process Of Dying Work?

The process of color dying is created by simply heating up blocks of solid dye. When the heat is applied at a very high temperature, then the particles break down into a liquid before they are then turned in to a gas. When applied to the material or object, the particles cool, and turn back into a solid, which allows the color to fuse with the item to make it durable and long lasting. For the best results, it is advisable to use light colored products, so that you get the full blown color effect. This technique looks amazing on cotton t-shirts. The items can also be washed, as the dye is fused with the t-shirt. This basically means that it is embedded in the shirt, and not sitting on the top of the fabric. However, you should only wash these items in cold or warm water, because high temperature could damage the imprinted image over time. Over washing in high temperatures can lead to fading.

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