Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis MN Includes Features That Weren’t Common Many Years Ago

For the average middle-class home decades ago, the garage door was almost an afterthought. It was made of wood or metal, typically painted white. Many garages were detached and had only one stall, although a proliferation of ranch homes in small towns and suburbs usually had an attached two-car model. Now, Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis MN for these relatively modest houses is considered an important part of the home’s exterior design scheme.

Automatic Openers

Another change is that homeowners now expect their garage doors to have automatic openers. This was not the norm 50 years ago, when nearly everyone was accustomed to arriving home and having to get out of the car and open the door manually. This wasn’t such an inconvenience during nice weather, but was not particularly pleasant during rain, snow or bitterly cold temperatures.

Not everyone felt motivated enough to be lifting and pulling down these big, heavy doors. They often left the garage door open most of the time unless the empty space was an obvious signal that nobody was home. In other cases, they tended to leave the door shut with the car parked outside unless the weather was cold enough to cause frost on the windshield.

Automatic Lighting

Automatic openers included with Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis MN have the additional component of lights that turn on when the remote button is pressed. That way, people don’t have to get out of the car in a totally dark garage at nighttime.
Safety Sensors

With automatic door closing features came the need for sensors that would detect anything under the door and cause the door to reverse. Inclusion of this feature became mandatory by federal law in 1993 to prevent harm to young children and pets.

Weather Stripping

When garages were detached, people didn’t always mind a great deal if some dust or leaves blew in from outside. When garage doors became the main entrance to the home, it was more important to keep these spaces clean. The doors, installed by companies like AA Garage Door, now typically come with weather-stripping for maintaining cleanliness as well as providing a certain amount of climate control. Browse Site to learn about this particular company.

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