Garbage Disposal in Minneapolis MN

Finding a Garbage Disposal in Minneapolis MN is easy enough. Most of your big box home improvement stores will have them. The decisions you have to make is what size garbage disposal you want and whether you want to install it yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Size is a question you have to answer based on how much you will need to dispose. It is best to go with the smallest engine you can live with to save problems. Make sure that no silverware goes down into the garbage disposal. That can damage the garbage disposal and require someone to come out and fix it for you – if it can be fixed. With a spoon down the disposal, it could damage the disposal beyond repair leaving you with the original question of whether to do it yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Home improvement stores can give you instructions on how to install the garbage disposal. They will have seminars on how to install one. If you’re handy, installation of a new garbage disposal is not a difficult project. You will need basic tools.

If you choose to have someone install it for you, you may want to ask for advice from the home improvement stores. Often they will have someone on staff that does installations. If they don’t have someone on staff, they can often recommend someone for you. If you’re going on a recommendation, there are many things you need to ask before you confirm the appointment.

Do they make appointments for certain times or do they give a window of time that they will be there? Are they licensed and bonded? Do they have experience in installing garbage disposals? How long have they been in business?

When the technician shows up at your appointment, he or she should be polite and professional. They should get to work right away.

The decision to get a garbage disposal is a personal one. If you have a septic system, a garbage disposal isn’t recommended. If you have a regular sewage system, garbage disposals can have a good way to get rid of cooking waste.

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