Get Ahead, Get a Speech Coach

3.jpgThere are many types of public speaking. Some are concerned with being a representative, such as congressperson, lawyer, police officer, mayor and other form of public office. Others are concerned with speaking to the public at business conferences, meetings, seminars and special events, while others again might be concerned with a wedding speech or other public engagement or function.

Of the many types of public speaking there are some underlying common factors in all the speakers and that is the ability to engage the audience and be clear, fluent and articulate. Having the confidence to speak in public is comparable to being an actor or actress. You are standing in front of hundreds of strangers, talking about a specific subject and you need to make sure you hold their attention.

Having a speech coach can be highly beneficial for many reasons. We are not all born with an innate talent at speaking out loud in public. Many of us find it intimidating and a very anxious experience, but if we can hide that anxiety and channel that nervous energy in the right direction we can convince our brain that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

What does a Coach Do?

If you need help you can always engage the services of a public speaking coach in San Francisco to assist you with your preparation, your development of the speech, your delivery of the speech and give feedback as to your effectiveness. The coach will listen to your speech, read it, check it for errors and grammar, give feedback as to the tone of the speech and offer ideas for perfecting it. They will also coach you in the delivery of the speech so that you are using your skills to the best advantage.

Many speech coaches use NLP—Nuro-Linguistic Programming—which concentrates your speech to use words that help relate to your audience. Many people think in pictures, while others are auditory or kinesthetic. Your job is use words that speak to each and every individual brain so that all the people listening can get the most from what you say. The NLP also helps you to eliminate your own worries about speaking in public and the coach will give you tasks and advice to help you.

To find the best public speaking coach in San Francisco call or check out for an idea of what they can do to help your speeches and public speaking.


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