Get Home Foundation Repairs in Panama City

Discovering the warning signs of foundation problems can prevent further problems that could cause thousands of dollars to repair. The sooner you discover these issues, the sooner you can hire home foundation repair services in Panama City to prevent further damage.

The Warning Signs

Homes tend to settle over a period of time, and if you notice that something is uneven, there is no need to panic. There are four different warning signs you will want to watch out for before they become more damaging problems.

• If a door fails to latch or begins to jam.

• If you begin to see cracks in the wall especially in windows and doorways where the ceilings intersect with the walls.

• If you have a concrete or ceramic tile floor and you see cracks.

• Windows that once open and shut easily are now difficult to open and tend to stick more frequently.

Things you should check

There are several things you should check in order to determine whether you have severe foundation problems. For starters, you need to check outside and make sure that the foundation is completely straight. The walls are supposed to be straight from side to side as well as up and down. If you have a curve or bulge in the concrete or block foundation, you could have a shifted foundation.

You will then want to check your concrete for weakness. If your concrete appears to be flaking or chipping then, you need to check it by poking a screwdriver into the foundation. If your concrete is chipping then, it could be in the process of deteriorating and has too much moisture in it. This is a serious problem that could cause further damage to the home.

You also need to check your structural components. Certain foundation systems such as concrete piers or other support systems will become weak. They need to be on solid concrete piers and not show any signs of weakness. If you see puddles or your framing is wet, this could cause a more severe problem if you do not get a professional to look at it right away.


If you think there is something serious going on with your foundation, then you need to call our team at Ram Jack Solid Foundations. Browse our website to learn more. The longer you wait the further damage that could occur. Checking for these warning signs regularly will also help to save you quite a bit of money and headache.

If you are in need of home foundation repair in Panama City, Ram Jack Solid Foundations is the team for you. Browse our website to learn more about our services.

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