Get Non-Invasive Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

As medical technology advances, new treatments for common ailments are becoming available. One popular area of innovation has been in the men’s health area dealing with erectile dysfunction. These alternatives to prescription medication include stem cell therapy, amniotic fluid shots and platelet-rich plasma injections. One additional technique is called shockwave therapy. This alternative treatment is an exciting option due to its success rates and non-invasive ways. Men with ED problems may want to consider contacting LaSara Medical Group for information about shockwave therapy. LaSara has a erectile dysfunction clinic Laguna Beach CA ready to assist you.

The Science Behind Shockwave Therapy

A shockwave therapy session uses medical science to address ED for the long term. The heart of this therapy is a process called neovascularization. In simple terms, this is a biological function where new blood cells are created in the body. Researchers have found that certain types of acoustic waves have the ability to initiate this process. When the method is applied to the penis, it helps to create additional blood flow for stronger erections.

The use of neovascularization is not a new process. It is a relied upon method that is already used for patients with heart problems, joint inflammation and kidney stones. Researchers have now discovered its benefits for men with ED. LaSara Medical Group can help you reap the benefits of this procedure at the erectile dysfunction clinic Laguna Beach CA.

The Procedure in Action

Shockwave therapy might sound scary, but it is actually fairly simple. A technician places a probe on the penis. The probe is then moved around to different parts of the penis as necessary. A slight tingle may be felt in the targeted body part as the waves penetrate the skin. Generally, this procedure does not produce any pain or major discomfort. Most patients can expect that the session will last around 20 minutes.

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