Get Organized with a Hanging Wall

What is a Hanging Wall?

A hanging wall is a panel or panels that you hang and secure to the wall in order to hang various items on display or for storage. You can find them in various materials from cardboard, particle board, plastic, metal and wood.

Garage Storage

In your garage there are probably tool boxes, drawers and shelves chock full of tools, paint supplies and various other random items. Every time you go to find something you dig through drawers, scour the shelves and wrack your brain looking for that one elusive item. The process can be frustrating and time consuming. There is a better way to get organized; hanging walls can be just the answer you are looking for. All you need are the wall pieces, screws and wall anchors. If you have a lot of heavy tools you will need to choose a material that is guaranteed to hold up to the weight. Metal and PVC are some of the most durable materials for this type of application. Secure the wall pieces to your wall via screws and anchors imbedded into your wall studs. Now you have a hanging wall to display all of your tools and garage items that can be found easily every time.

Retail Display

Hanging walls aren’t just ideal for the garage; they are perfect for retail display as well. Let’s face it, if your customers can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily you may lose a sale. You need an efficient and appealing way to display your merchandise. If you have light items to display you can probably get away with light duty materials such as plastic, cardboard and particle board. However, if you are selling power tools, landscaping supplies or other heavy items, you will need something more durable such as PVC or metal. Your customers will be able to browse around your store and find what they need easily and efficiently.

Other Hanging Wall Uses

If you earn a living creating usable items in a workshop, you know time is money. As a carpenter, candle maker, artist, jewelry crafter or other tradesman you need to be able to find your materials quickly. The more time you spend looking for your materials and supplies, the more money you lose. A hanging wall is a great way to organize all of your items for quick retrieval.

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