Get Released From Jail With The Services Of A Bail Bond in Oklahoma City

Most people never expect to be arrested. Sometimes things happen that bring about the unexpected though. You could have gone out to dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine or something stronger and come upon a sobriety check point and find yourself arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI). You may be able to successfully challenge this arrest with the help of a good lawyer. To find one you need to arrange to be released from jail first. This is what a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City company is there to help with.

Once you have been arraigned and bail set, most people don’t have the cash available to post their bail. In this case, a family member or friend can contact a bail bond service to make arranges to get you released. The bail bond service will charge you a percentage of the bail set to make the arrangements.

Bail Bonding companies have posted bonds with the court systems so they can sign a surety in place of putting up the actual bail amount. If you fail to show up for your hearing, the amount of bail is taken directly from the posted bonds and the bonding company will send an agent called a “skip tracer” to find you so that they can recover their bond. Also you will forfeit whatever you put up as security for the bail.

Once you have made contact with a bail bondsman, arrangements can be quickly made for the arrested person’s release. The bondsman can also give you advice on where to find a lawyer that may specialize in handling cases like what the person was arrested for. All lawyers receive the same schooling and take the same tests to pass the bar to become lawyers, but after that they go to work for law firms that work in specific areas of the law as their main work. This is why you find defense lawyers that mostly handle civil cases and other defense lawyers that work mainly with criminal cases. You want to find a lawyer who’s firm specializes in the kind of case that you were arrested for and a bonding company can point you towards one if you don’t know where to start looking for one.
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