Get Your Forklift Parts in Seattle

A forklift truck may be used in many different types of jobs in warehousing, distribution centers, construction, and manufacturing industries. Other names for a forklift truck include a fork truck, a lift truck, or simply a forklift. In the 1960s the modern forklift was created as a powered industrial truck that could lift and move materials. The name is a reference to the two horizontal members extending from the front of the truck that ostensibly resemble the tines of a fork. These forks can easily slip under a load on a pallet so that it can be lifted up for transport.

You can find a good company in Washington State that supplies Forklift Parts Seattle as well as new and used forklifts. A Seattle company like this can locate hard to find parts that other companies cannot, and the after market suppliers will save you money. Many times used parts are available which can save you additional cash on parts and supplies. The forklift company you choose ought to have mobile service technicians that will visit your jobsite to repair your forklift if needed. There should also be a planned preventative maintenance service to keep maintenance costs down while keeping your lift truck running efficiently. An established company can also handle extensive repairs such as transmission and motor rebuilds in the repair shop. You may also be able to rent a unit while yours is in their shop for repairs.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has some very definite rules about operator licensing. The operator must successfully complete classroom instruction and a driving test before being licensed. Also, every three years they must be re-certified. Furthermore, OSHA and other regulatory agencies have requirements and rules regarding safety features on a forklift. Forklift Parts Seattle for safety include a specially designed harness for fall prevention when operating an order picker type truck. Another safety feature is the overhead guard that can protect the operator from falling objects. Backup alarms and horns are another required safety feature.

A good forklift company Vance Lift Truck Service Inc. have many used forklifts available at any time. As brand new forklifts can be quite expensive, a used unit may be the way to go to save money. You can also rent a forklift for a month or so to help you decide on the model you like. Check out for more information.

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