Gettin’ Buggy: A How-To on House Prep

Not too very long ago, toxic products and pesticides presented a significant challenge not just to exterminators, but to the home and business owners who hired their help. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology and a global trend toward environmental safety, professional pest control in Bunbury is safe, simple, and effective.

Of course, property owners will still need to go through the process of hiring an expert pest control tech, of which there a few critical steps:

Schedule an Inspection

Our subtropical climate makes Bunbury a popular destination for pests of all shapes and sizes, from termites and cockroaches to house flies and mosquitoes. To determine which exact specimen has overtaken your home, you’ll want to seek the well-trained eye of a professional pest control tech to evaluate your situation and implement an appropriate course of action.

Prepare Your Property

Once your tech has determined the size and species of your infestation, you’ll need to prepare your property for his return. Depending on the pest, treatment will require particular products and pesticides; ask your technician how exactly you should prep your home or business for their application. Backyards, front yards, and indoor spaces are all apt to need a look-over.

Ask About The Big Day

Equipped with low- or non-toxic treatments, your professional pest control technician will likely allow you to remain on your property when he comes to call. Some products may require that you remove foodstuffs from treatment areas (cupboards, pantries), and you’ll want to enquire as to whether certain high-risk populations (infants, the elderly, pregnant woman) should vacate the premises.

At Flick Pest Control Bunbury, our seasoned staff of expert technicians have the knowledge and know-how it takes to provide top-tier residential and commercial pest control in Bunbury. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of integrated pest control solutions.

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