Getting a Building Permit Application Miami

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

The increased need for business premises and rental premises has resulted in an increase in the construction in the last few decades. Constructing a building is never an easy task; there are a variety of processes you will need to go through before this, for instance, acquiring Miami Building Permit Application . A building permit is essential in ensuring that your construction is legitimate and that it also meets the standards set by the Miami construction and inspection office.

Building Permit Application Miami is also important in guarding the general population from hazardous and unsafe construction practices. You might be required to present your building plans and any other relevant documents regarding your construction project to the relevant local authorities. These officials may also want to know the place and length of your intended building.

It is important to understand that building permits are issued by local building and construction officials. To get this permit you will need to first file an application. Once an application has been made, the building officials will come to your construction site to inspect it. They will then approve or disapprove the construction based on the guidelines of the area of the building project, the building plans you submitted and the construction safety measures you have ensured. This process may take a few weeks, so if you have to meet a ‘construction deadline’ it is important you file a building permit application as soon as possible.

In most cases the contractor or the person who is in charge of the construction is the one who requests for an inspection to be carried out once a building permit application is made. The officials are required to give you a 24 hour advanced notice of the inspection.

Once a review has been carried out on your construction project, a building permit will be issued and you can carry on with your building project. Make sure you keep your copy of the building permit safely, for future reference.

A Building Permit Application Miami is a step by step process that you should be keen about, so as to attain desirable results. The tips above will help you Get Building Permit Application Miami.

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