Getting Cupcakes Just Right

Cupcakes are a sweet treat that can be customized in almost any way that you can imagine. They sometimes offer a bit more freedom with decorating than a cake because you can arrange cupcakes that you make in a design and then decorate each section. There are a few basics that you want to establish first when you take on the fun adventure of making these little treats along with getting a few cupcake supplies that will come in handy.

Only use the freshest ingredients possible when you’re making cupcakes. Let cold ingredients reach room temperature before they are mixed together. Examples of some of the cupcake supplies that you want to have on hand when it comes to your flavors include cocoa powder and pure vanilla extract instead of some of the fake options that are available.

Avoid overmixing your cupcake batter. This will usually result in a dense consistency that you might not like. Once everything is combined, you need to stop mixing and prepare the batter to put in your cupcake liners. When you fill the liners, use a scoop instead of trying to just eyeball the amount that you put in them. You want to put enough batter in each liner so that they are about three-quarters of the way full. This will leave room for the batter to expand and will usually result in a nice mound on the top of the cupcake for easier decorating.

Always pre-heat your oven. Use a thermometer to ensure that the temperature is at just the right setting. Place the cupcake pan in the center of the rack. Avoid opening the door to the oven as this can greatly drop the temperature, resulting in uneven baking. Let cupcakes cool on a baking rack, a sheet pan, or another flat surface instead of leaving them in the cupcake pan to cool.

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