Getting Divorced? Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Porterville

The best preparation for divorce can happen prior to the wedding. The couple can sit down and look at the property that they are bringing to the marriage and the types of income and property they intend to create or buy during their lives. They can then draw up a pre-nuptial agreement that details how the property and assets will be divided if they eventually divorce. As long as they don’t have any children, all they need to do is hire a Divorce Porteville attorney to guide them through the paperwork.

However, it’s hard for a pre-nuptial agreement to cover what will happen to the kids if the couple divorces. There are emotions and feelings that come into focus that no one can plan for until they are a parent. So the best organized marriage and divorce plans can fall into disarray when a couple is attempting to determine who gets custody of the kids. If the parents can get along and agree on parenting decisions, the judge may decide that it’s in the best interest of the kids to award joint custody to both parents. That ensures that the children have both a mother and father actively involved in their upbringing. However, one of the parents might believe the other is an unfit parent. At that point, each parent will have a lawyer actively disputing who gets custody. The lawyers may hire private investigators and psychologists to prove their points.

Once custody is awarded the non-custodial parent will find out how much the judge expects them to pay in child support each month. Many lawyers will say that this is a numerical formula and there’s nothing much to be done about it. Other Divorce Porterville lawyers argue that the judge cannot expect a parent to pay so much money that they are left penniless. Therefore the lawyer of the non-custodial parent can submit detailed documents outlining the income and necessary living expenses of their client. They can then ask that they be required to pay less than the standard formula. The same can be said for an alimony payments that can are required.

Divorce proceedings can be stressful, emotionally draining and expensive. To find divorce specialist contact Website

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