Getting The Best Quality Molded Rubber Products For Texas Suppliers

Working with a top oil field wholesale warehouse distributor is critical for any company in West Texas marketing to the oil field industry. Having the ability for a supplier to be able to contact the distributor and know the products required are in stock or can be readily available for large or customer orders is an important part of being able to maintain a customer base.

There are a number of different molded rubber products that are widely used in the oil fields. Some are used for short term applications, while other molded rubber parts and components are designed for long-term use in a variety of systems and applications.

Packer Elements and Seals

Some of the most commonly required molded rubber products are Packer elements. These are specific types of rubber seals that are both short and long-term solutions when a tight, secure seal is a critical feature for down-hole conditions that meet the specific requirements for a given operation.

There are different designs and options in these types of products. The most commonly requested Packer elements include those of the Baker, Arrow Guiberson and Otis types. There are also other types of packer replacement elements used in different operations, and they can typically be ordered as required.

Seals are also compatible with the various types. Using one supplier for all of the molded rubber products order makes it easy to maintain stocking levels for your customers.

Rod Guides

The best rubber rod guides are manufactured through injection molding processes. These guides are used on the sucker rod body to direct the placement of the rod and to operate as a bearing to hold the sucker rods in a central position in the tube.

Choosing top quality rod guides for use by Texas oil field companies ensures a long-lasting component that does not slip on the rod, even in high temperatures and extreme types of operating conditions.

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