Getting the irrigation system tuned up for spring

The deep frozen days of winter have finally come to an end, it is time to start thinking about summer and how pleasant it will be to sit in your garden. First things first, turn on the irrigation system.
There is a right way and a wring way to bring your dormant irrigation system back to life, the first way will have you calling for irrigation repairs in Fishers, the second way will have the system running with no problems.

Gather you supplies:

Before you start, get all your bits of repair and replacement supplies arranged. Hopefully you will not need anything, but if you do, it’s better to have everything at your fingertips. Sprinkler heads, nozzles, some pipe and pipe cement may all come in handy. You should also replace the batteries in the automatic control so the previous year’s setting will not be lost.

If you are not completely sure of the ground conditions, dig a hole at least a foot deep to ensure that the ground is completely thawed. It is when the system is still frozen that damage occurs and irrigation repair in Fishers become mandatory.

Fill the pipes:

When the system is first being charged in the spring, the biggest threat is a surge of air pressure which is caused by a sudden flow of water coming rushing into the pipes. If the trapped air has nowhere to go, the results can be disastrous. Fittings can literally blow apart; the pressure in the line can easily be 15 times the normal operating pressure.

If your system does not have pressure relief valves then head to the highest sprinkler head in each zone and remove it. With this sprinkler head off, the air has a means to escape. Begin filling the system very slowly, this will minimize the pressure surge and at the same time you can check all the valves in the system for integrity.

First, fill the main line, and then slowly open the valves to the entire system. Take your time and fill the system very slowly and remember the water has to fill the entire length of pipe.

Watch the places where you removed the sprinklers in various zones. Once you see water emerging and the water is running free with no bubbles, shut the zone valve and replace the sprinkler head. Start replacing the heads from the closest to the water source, working your way further away until all the heads have been replaced.

Test the systems:

Run each zone for a couple of minutes, this will remove any last bit of air and you can assure that all heads are functioning as they should. Once all zones have been checked and they are working correctly, open the main valve to full position, check the timers and enjoy the summer.

If, during this process, a serious problem surfaced, it is best to call immediately for irrigation repairs in Fishers.

When it is time to prepare your system, turn to Lawnscapes Cut & Cure, Inc. just in the event you need immediate irrigation repairs in Fishers.

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