Getting Your Commercial Building Built on Your Chosen Site in Parker, CO

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Real Estate

Building a new business from literally the ground up begins with a commercial building. For that, you need a commercial contractor in Parker, CO. It has to be a contractor with the necessary experience to build the kind of commercial building you want. To find that kind of a contractor, you have to look at a couple of different options.

Several Separate Contractors

This, undoubtedly, is the most complicated approach. You have to get an electrical contractor, a concrete contractor, an excavation contractor, a plumbing contractor, and a construction contractor to all sign on the line with you to do this project. Then you have to get each of them to show up to do the job and coordinate who’s coming to your chosen construction site and when.

If the schedules don’t mesh up right, you could be sitting on your building project for months. Certain aspects of the project, such as excavation and in-ground plumbing, are dependent on another contractor completing their job first.

One General Contractor

Hiring a commercial contractor in Parker, CO doesn’t have to be complicated. You could just hire a general contractor. A general contractor can do more than one of the jobs involved, and usually subcontracts the rest of the jobs out to other contractors.

Because the general contractor is in charge of the whole project, he will get the other contractors to agree to come and do the work when each stage of the project has been reached. When you’re ready, contact Ariston Tyko at

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