Giving up a Child for Adoption

Giving up your child is something that no woman ever dreamed of doing as she was growing up. If you are seeing a pregnancy to full term and just cannot afford to raise a child, Oklahoma City Adoption services may very well be the best decision for you. Below are ways that you can give up a child for adoption. Read on and choose the option that is best for you.

If you are still pregnant you can choose to work with a private adoption agency or a lawyer in what is known as an independent adoption.

You may decide that you would prefer to go through an adoption agency. The child will be placed into foster care until a home can be found for them through adoption. You do need to remember that it is best for a child to be given up for adoption when they are younger. The majority of potential adoptive parents are looking for a newborn or younger child to adopt and your baby will have more of a chance of being adopted than an older child will. While it is hard to part with your own flesh and blood, it will be easier for both of you if it is as soon as possible after the birth.

Younger children are also much less likely to have emotional or behavioral problems in foster care. Current statistics show that older children spend at least two years in foster care, if not longer, before being adopted.

Putting your child up for adoption has to be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking decisions a mother can make. However, if you are in no shape to raise your child the right way, sometimes it is the only option. However, it is best to seek professional counseling before you make any decisions in the adoption process and if possible, have the support of family to help you through it.

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