Gold Buyers in Los Angeles

Pawn Shops Make a Great Place to Buy Jewelry

If you are in the market to purchase gold or silver jewelry, before you plunk down your hard earned money at a jewelry store, consider buying from your local pawn shop. Jewelers are not the only gold buyers in Los Angeles. Pawn shops buy some of the finest gold and silver jewelry you can find as many people who are desperate for cash will sell their high quality jewelry at steep discounts to a pawn broker.

Buying gold jewelry from a pawn shop is easy, and if you follow these tips, you are sure to get a great deal, too:

Do your research

Make sure you know the value of an item before you purchase it. Whether the jewelry is new or used, you do not want to pay more than it is worth.


Pawn shops who are Gold buyers in Los Angeles expect to haggle with their customers over the price of a particular item. Don’t be timid about negotiating. Realize the longer a certain piece of jewelry sits on the shelf at a pawn shop, the more likely the pawn broker is to accept a lower offer.

Read the fine print

Pawn shop store policies vary widely. Some with offer a guarantee of authenticity for the gold or silver jewelry you are buying; others will not. Some pawn shops will allow you to return an item within a certain time period; others maintain a stiff “all sales are final” policy. Know the terms of the deal before you buy.

Cash is king

Merchants must pay a small fee to accept money from a credit card company. Pawn shops are no exception. You should expect to get a better price for the jewelry you are buying if you pay in cash.

Shop the competition

There are hundreds of gold buyers in Los Angeles. You could spend several days going through the inventory of each of these pawn shops, and the inventory constantly changes. Avoid the trap of falling in love with any one particular piece of jewelry– unless it is so unique you know you won’t find a similar one elsewhere– and take some time to visit at least three or four pawn shops. Not only will this expose you to the different jewelry options you have from which to choose, you will also become more familiarized to the pawning process. Who knows? Maybe you will decide to sell some of your unused jewelry to gold buyers in Los Angeles.

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