Great Basement Waterproofing Techniques in Frederick

Basements are a great part of home. They provide extra storage and living space. That being said, a basement is prone to water damage. This can lead to many issues with time. Structural damage and mold are common occurrences with basements damaged by water. Waterproofing a basement is absolutely vital to living in it comfortably and providing structural integrity to the entire home. Basements should be waterproofed on both the exterior and interior. Cracks and problem areas should also be fixed quickly. Basement Waterproofing services in Frederick can help to waterproof the basement effectively.

There are many methods to waterproofing the interior of a basement. It’s recommended to use many methods to ensure that the basement is completely waterproofed. Drainage should be utilized to redirect moisture away from the basement. Drainage systems will help remove moisture from the basement and bring it to a sump pump. A sump pump will then remove the water from the basement. Sump pumps can be installed by professional companies so that they are discreet, yet effective.

Exterior waterproofing of a basement is a little different in terms of application. In existing homes, it often involves digging around the home to get to the exterior walls. While it may seem cumbersome, it’s necessary. Many waterproofing layers will be applied to the walls to provide a complete seal. Layers such as a polymer membrane will be one of the lines of defense, along with tiles and a sealer. These layers will work in conjunction to provide maximum protection.

One quick and effective option to fixing cracks and problem areas is crack injections. Basement Waterproofing Frederick services will inject cracks with a urethane substance that will prevent further damage and water leakage. It can be used to seal walls, pipes, tiles, and entryways. It’s often done in a single day and can greatly reduce the chances of mold growth.

All in all, a basement should be completely waterproofed in order to take advantage of it’s extra space. Without proper waterproofing, the basement will be unlivable and expose the home to structural damage. All it takes is a bit of research to find great basement waterproofing companies. Keystone Foundation Repair, Inc. is one of the professional foundation repair companies providing reliable basement service at competitive prices.

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