Guidelines and Exclusions in the G12 Windshield Denver Auto Glass Replacement Guarantee

Windshield auto glass replacement is just one of the Denver auto glass replacement services for vehicles. Car windows are generally some of the most fragile parts of the vehicles. Though it takes a heavy impact to cause breakage, in any accident, windows are the most affected parts of the vehicle. Therefore vehicles owners should be able to access quality and affordable auto glass replacement services.

The auto glass replacement services offer skilled and competent expertise in the replacement of all broken windows. The windows sued in Denver auto glass replacement are Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) quality and therefore are the best after market replacement products to go for.

The process of windshield replacement requires professional attention to ensure that no part of the car frame is damaged. The application of adhesives for the installation of the new windshield should also be done carefully and the new windshield should be carefully selected to ensure that there are no flaws which may lead to further damage. The replacement process should also meet the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). These are the requirements that each procedure should meet to guarantee that the vehicle is safe to the occupants.

The G12 refers to a guarantee policy set by the Denver auto glass replacement service. It refers to a situation whereby the client can receive a onetime offer of no extra cost windshield repair. This is, if the original replacement is damaged within 12 months of the replacement date. There are however certain regulations governing this guarantee:

The guarantee only lasts for 12 months from the date that the auto glass replacement is done. Therefore any damages to the windshield after this period should be paid for by the client.

In case there are any flaws or complaints with the replacement service, the client should report these claims, possibly within the 12 months to the original installation centre. If the flaws were noticed before the expiry of the guarantee and reported after expiry, the client will also have to pay for the repairs.

The coverage of the repairs and flaws is limited only to the normal road hazards and the repair guarantee is only a one time offer. This means that if the windshield is damaged more than once in the 12 month period, the Denver auto glass replacement service will only cater for one free service regardless.

The guarantee however does not cover damages caused by collision, intentional damage and damage due to weather, commercial vehicles, RVs and motor coaches. It is advisable for the client to purchase a value package that includes installation Aquapel® treatment, (labour, kit, moulding, and clips) and new wiper blades which are not covered in the G12 guarantee.

The G12 guarantee with auto glass replacement in Denver helps clients to receive the best services in windshield replacement. It also encourages the repair-men to be thorough in their services. For more details, visit our website.

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