Hand and Shoulder Treatment with a Physical Therapist in Charleston, West Virginia

Hand therapy not only helps people with hand injuries but works to restore coordination and strength for patients with any condition or injury that affects the upper extremities. The treatment takes place in a physical therapy setting with the direction of a specialist trained in this type of recovery process. The level of effectiveness depends on the extent of the problem, the contribution by the patient, and many other factors.

When to Begin

Hand and shoulder therapy can begin as soon as a need begins. Patients may meet with a Physical Therapist in Charleston West Virginia immediately after a stroke or after a diagnosis of arthritis. Surgical patients may receive a visit from their therapist shortly after their surgery. The treatments and guidance of a therapist are not just to restore strength but can help to improve recovery as well. The services may even take place before surgery to help the patient choose the right plan for their needs.

What to Expect

Therapists manage each case based on the needs of the patient. A hand therapist will want to know the health history of the patient, as well as the pain they experience. Details of any injury or a discussion of the length of time the problem existed may also become a part of the conversation. Testing may take place to determine the range of motion of the hand or upper extremities, as well as the strength of the patient. A course of treatment could include exercise, orthotics, or recommendations for, and practice with, adaptive equipment.

Why to Participate

A Physical Therapist in Charleston West Virginia, including those that specialize in hand therapy, enables people to become independent again or return to work. Therapy reduces discomfort and helps patients to find non-surgical or drug-free solutions. Therapy can enable people to leave a hospital or nursing facility sooner or stay in their own home longer.

A doctor can recommend physical therapy, but anyone can also consult with a facility to decide if this process could help with their health concerns. Businesses, like Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC, offer certified specialists in each type of therapy. Patients may meet with more than one therapist to gain the level of recovery they need. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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