Handling Military Spec Packaging

by | May 2, 2013 | Industrial Goods and Services

Military packaging, marking, and labeling are more important now, due to the deployment of troops overseas. High priority shipments to deployed troops may be misrouted and delayed due to improper packaging, marking, and labeling. Contractors should make sure their shipments meet the requirements of their contracts to avoid damaging material and misrouting shipments.  The Department of Defense puts a great deal of thought and effort to come up with the military spec packaging needed for the product to reach its final destination without any damage.

While the military spec packaging might not seem like much of a concern when a new order is received, novice contractors as well as large manufacturers can make many mistakes translating the packaging requirements. As a result of not meeting the contract requirements,  in many cases those contractors can face payment delays and returned merchandise.  In these tough economic times, hiring a person to handle the process can be the different between barely breaking even to making a profit from the contract. Most companies who do business with the American military find that hiring a third party, a company that not only specializes in the logistics of packaging  and shipping, but also has a great deal of experience translating the  military spec packaging requirements of the contract to the most economical cost  providing  savings to users both in time and money by using the most practical solution.

Just because you’ve opted to hire a company that specializes in military spec packaging, it doesn’t mean you can focus on the other aspects of the contract and ignore everything pertaining to packaging. This type of attitude could have disastrous results. You need to be proactive when it comes to shipping your items.

Before you even think about signing a contract with the company you feel will be best suited to handle your military spec packaging needs, you and they need to carefully review the contract you have with the military. Make sure everyone is very clear about what items will be getting shipped, when they will need to be shipped by, and how the packaging, labeling, preservation, inspection and storage will be handled before the items get shipped. Make sure the third party integrator company you’re about to hire will be up to the task.

After striking a deal with the company about the handling of your logistics  needs, you will be able to focus on the other aspects of preparing your order. Make it a point to periodically check in with the company and make sure no glitches have been encountered. In addition to the periodic check ins, you should also check in the day the shipment’s scheduled to go out and make sure everything has gone smoothly. The sooner problems get discovered with military spec packaging, the easier it will be to correct the issue before it turns into a full blown crisis.

OS2 Corp has been trained by the Department of Defense and knows everything about military spec packaging. They use their knowledge to help clients fill military contracts.

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