Have an Automotive Repair Shop in Lancaster County Your Old Water Pump

While you may not see your water pump hiding beneath your timing belt, you certainly will come to realize its importance, especially if it stops working and your car overheats. As a result, this part of your car plays an instrumental role in keeping your engine cooled. The pump, which is operated by a drive belt, circulates coolant into the engine.

Get Your Water Pump Replaced Before it Fails

While water pumps are durable, they do not last forever. Therefore, when you need a new water pump, you should contact an automotive repair shop in Lancaster County immediately. If your water pump is old, it is better to get it replaced while it is still working rather than wait for a breakdown to occur. Old water pumps can fail in various ways. They may spring a leak or develop problems internally. In some instances, the impellers may stop working.

Do You Have Overheating Problems?

It is time to take your car into an automotive repair shop if you notice that coolant is leaking near the timing belt. You also need to visit a shop if you have a problem with overheating or there is a shift in the temperature gauge.

Are Your Bearings Loose?

If the shaft and bearings are loose, you need to schedule an appointment with your local automotive repair shop too. Replacing this kind of part is not a do-it-yourself type of fix. Many repair shops suggest replacing the pump when making another repair, such as switching out the timing belt.

When to Replace the Pump

Generally, a water pump will last about 80,000 miles, about the same duration as the timing belt. That is why water pumps are often replaced along with the timing belt. Because they are located in the same spot, the repair process is simpler if both are replaced at the same time.

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