Heading to Your New Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Considerations

Medicinal cannabis dispensaries are popping up all over the United States because scientists and doctors have proven that medical marijuana can help with a variety of symptoms. If you want to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Montgomery County, there are a few things to understand first. For one, you can’t just walk into the building without proper identification. You also cannot purchase anything if you aren’t a registered patient.

Once you’re registered, you may still feel trepidation about visiting dispensaries in your area, but you don’t need to worry if you have a little information to help you through the first time.

Identify Yourself

Before you can go into the facility, you need to have a state-issued photo ID or your MMCC ID card. The MMCC ID card is not mandatory, but many people prefer to purchase one because it makes it easier and contains most of the necessary information. However, you still need both the state-issued ID and the MMCC card to get inside.


You should expect to see some security features, such as guards, cameras, or bars on the doors/windows. Not all dispensaries are the same, but they likely have some security measures in place. These aren’t just to keep them safe; they’re there to make sure that you are safe while shopping.

Cash is Best

While many dispensaries now accept credit/debit cards, it’s a complicated issue with which most dispensaries don’t want to deal. Because medical cannabis is illegal at the federal level, many dispensaries don’t want to worry about credit/debit card issues, such as ID theft and the like.

Going to a medical marijuana dispensary in Montgomery County can be a pleasant experience if you visit Herbology and learn more.

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