Health Hazards Caused by Growing Mold Vancouver WA

Mold growth occurs when there is a lot of water leakage or humidity in a building. Water leakages could be due to damaged plumbing, weather or faulty devices among other reasons. If the leak is not patched up immediately, the walls, ceiling or floors get damp with water and this creates an optimum chance for the molds to grow. These molds are spores and can grow anywhere if the environment allows it.

Having growing molds in your home is dangerous for various reasons. First of all, it causes damage to the paint on your walls, looks really bad and has quite a number of potential health hazards. The health hazards caused by growing mold, Vancouver WA should not be taken lightly as they could lead to a whole lot of health complications.

The molds release spores which are easily air borne and inhalation of molds spores is easy and virtually unnoticeable. Therefore it is very easy for the molds to affect anyone in the house.

The following are some of the hazards that should make your consider hiring a professional to remove the growing molds in your home or business.

Mold triggered allergies are some of the mildest health hazards caused by these spores. These include sneezing, headaches and coughs. However, the allergies could get more serious depending on the person such as migraines and sinuses.

Mycosis or fungal infection is a very serious health threat that comes about as a result of exposure to mold, Vancouver VA. This is especially among individuals with a low immunity. If you are exposed for a long time to the molds, you could develop sinuses and gut infections. Your respiratory system could be completely compromised and skin infections such as athlete’s foot. All of these are the effects of a type of toxin called mycotoxin that is produced by the molds.

The mycotoxins produced by the molds could also be lethal if the dosage is high enough. This is due to a series of reactions that occur in the body upon ingestion of these toxins

Mold induced hypersensitivity refers to severe forms of mold allergies. The spores from the molds could induce asthma attacks. Airway reactions are quite common results of inhaling spores. If you have persistent allergic reactions, you should inspect your home for molds growths. You might find it as the reason for your health problems.

Professionals in mold, Vancouver WA damage have the expertise and equipment to ensure that you get rid of all the molds in your home. This is especially important if you have infants or extremely old people within the home. Due to their ages, their immunity is generally compromised and therefore they could develop health problems due to the molds.

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