Help The Kids Teeth Last Longer Using Dental Sealants

People spend a lot of time and money on improving their smile, but a few of the more important oral tasks may be those that need to be handled more frequently. For example, the use of dental sealants for kids near Chino Hills can reduce the possibility of decay by protecting the chewing area. This is a key point because almost anything placed on the teeth will erode or be ground away under the pressure of chewing. The lifespan of the sealant will vary based on heating habits and other considerations, but is typically 1 to 3 years.

The primary reason to protect the chewing surface is the shape of the tooth. Teeth such as molars are prime candidates because they have huge surface areas with some unique aspects. The exterior surface of the teeth is not smooth. In fact, it has a number of ridges, valleys and fissures that make each tooth unique. Dental sealants near Chino Hills use a thin plastic or polymer material that fills in portions of these areas and prevents a buildup of bacterial acids and plaque. Keep in mind that some of these fissures are fairly small, less than the size of the bristle on a toothbrush! By placing a sealant over them, they become protected which should reduce the chance of caries.

Dental sealants may be used on young children provided the dentist thinks it may provide enough protection to justify it. However, sealants are more common on teens that have grown their adult teeth. Young teeth may be more vulnerable than an adult’s and should be protected from decay. Keeping them clean is a great start and so is making regular dental appointments, but Protection adds that little extra insurance that those beautiful, pearly whites are going to be shining for many years.

Dental sealants are not so common in adults, although, there is no reason why they cannot be used. In fact, they may be just the option for that person with really great teeth that simply needs a bit of extra protection or one at high risk for caries (cavities). Sealants are typically applied by the hygienist because part of the process involves deep cleaning of the tooth. This step is required so the sealing material will bond tightly to the tooth. Contact Kids Dental Specialists, if you need dental sealants. Visit and discover more ways to improve that gorgeous smile.

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