Helping a Loved One Who Is Avoiding Physical Therapy in Peoria, AZ

Physical therapy in Peoria, AZ, can be substantially useful for helping patients recover more swiftly and completely from an injury or serious health event. Nevertheless, some individuals stop participating after a session or two, and others refuse to go at all. Family members and close friends can provide encouragement and support to persuade their loved one to continue the program.

One large factor connected with noncompliance is the level of pain the person experiences. The idea of having to do exercises for physical therapy in Peoria, AZ, can seem decidedly unpleasant. Although the therapy does not produce immediate results, it is recognized for its ability to decrease discomfort over time. The patient gradually needs less pain relief medication and becomes more functional.

Many individuals recovering from a serious injury or illness become depressed, which further lowers their motivation to be active. They may feel upset and defeated about their physical condition. They might experience anxiety and other emotional difficulties that are relatively common after an unexpected health crisis.

Some individuals feel more inspired when offered a fun reward to be provided after each session. This might be a friend or relative buying lunch, dinner or a favorite dessert at a restaurant. Bringing home takeout is an option if the person still cannot go to a dining establishment. It’s something this man or woman can happily anticipate when much of life currently feels frustrating and distressing.

As therapy progresses, the patient improves and becomes more agreeable about following the instructions. The therapist adjusts the program as needed until the person reaches maximum medical improvement.

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