Here Are a Few Tips for Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

They say that oral care must start as early as possible. How young is young? Some dentists say it should be at two or once your child understands the importance of dental care. If it is your first time bringing in your child at a dental office, make sure that the clinic comes with a child-friendly vibe like what many clinics offering cosmetic and family dentistry in Philadelphia, PA, have. So what should you prepare?

Prep Your Child

If your child already understands the purpose and importance of your dental visit, your preparation is almost complete. You just have to explain to your kid what he or she is going to see, such as what a dental chair looks like or how it works or the tools that dentists use. One thing that kids get afraid of is the whirring sound of a cleaning tool that dentists use. Explain to your child that it is the common sound that the tool makes but it doesn’t hurt.

Prepare Yourself

Before bringing in your child to your family dental clinic, talk to your dentist first. Tell your dentist about your anxieties or worries and ask for advice if there are things that you are having issues with, such as answering your child’s dentist-related questions.

Prep Your Kid Physically

It is best to bring your child to a clinic offering cosmetic and family dentistry in Philadelphia, PA, in the morning when he or she is still fresh and full of energy. If your child is afraid to see a dentist, help him or her overcome it by giving him a reward after the dental visit. A promised treat can go a long way. Once your kid is used to seeing a dentist, he or she will also understand the importance of oral hygiene. This will positively impact your child’s behavior in the future in terms of oral care.

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