High Impact Manhattan Home Style with Decorfin

People may laugh, but there’s something very satisfying about creating a style and decor for your home that is completely unique to you and your family. Adding special touches that reflect your history and values takes a house from more than just four walls to an actual home-place that means love and security, and welcomes family, friends and guests alike with open arms. One of the more intriguing design concepts that has recently become popular in Manhattan is decorative wall finishes that call to mind the Renaissance frescoes painted by masters like da Vinci and Raphael. This new take on a classic style has been popularized by Decorfin of New York City, and can bring a fresh, unique flair to your space that is unlike anything else.

Decorative wall finishes can be used to great effect in just about any area of the home, regardless of size. Stately dining rooms can be made more formal and impressive with the addition of the Venetian plaster-like technique while a quiet nook becomes intimate and relaxing, creating the perfect place to share secrets. One of the most appealing features of decorative wall finishes is the wide variety of styles and colors that can be incorporated to match just about any taste. After talking with you about your personal preferences for color and appearance, experts combine your individual style with the unusual technique to come up with a singular look that is unique to your home. Many people resist using decor services because they worry about ending up with a home that looks exactly like everyone else’s, as though they were all cut from the same cloth. Decorfin offers the ability to create a style that is designed strictly for your home, which gives you greater control over the look and feel. There is no mistaking homes that feature these unusual wall finishing touches because they are like no other decor.

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your home’s decor and create something that no one else can replicate, decorative wall finishing techniques can deliver the results you want. In the hands of the right expert, you will be amazed the beauty and visual appeal that can be created from your own personality.

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