Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tacoma After a Sportbike Accident

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Law Services

Sports bikes, or sportsbikes, are motorcycles that are optimized for speed and performance on the track, not for commuting and daily use. Sport bike accidents can happen in a variety of ways, such as negligent operation or from a defect within the bike itself. Read on to learn more about motorcycle accidents and how a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tacoma can help.

Which Injuries are Most Common in Motorcycle Accidents?

Common injuries sustained by victims in sportbike accidents include fractures, TBI (traumatic brain injury), limb loss, soft tissue damage, paralysis, cuts, catastrophic injuries and death. If one is injured in an accident, or if a person loses their life in a motorcycle crash,

Suing an At-Fault Driver After a Sportbike Accident

Victims and their survivors may file a lawsuit to recover damages, but recovery can depend on the case’s facts. When a biker rides recklessly, they can be deemed negligent. Whether the victim’s actions rise to the level of negligence depends on comparison to the actions of a reasonable person in like circumstances. Specific elements must be proven for a claim to be successful:

*     The defendant’s duty of care to the plaintiff

*     The defendant breached that duty

*     The breach of duty caused the accident

*     The accident and the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s losses

Suing for Motorcycle Defects

It is possible for an accident victim to sue due to a defect with the motorcycle. Sportbikes are considered inherently dangerous, but manufacturers still have the duty to ensure that bikes don’t pose unnecessary risks. Defective products cause injuries due to faulty labeling and design flaws, and plaintiffs must prove that the product was unreasonably risky in order for Sadler Ladenburg to mount a successful claim.

Sportbike accidents can be very traumatic and they can have lasting effects on victims and their families. An accident victim should not litigate the case on their own. They should call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tacoma to determine the validity of the claim. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tacoma can form a solid strategy and they can help victims file a lawsuit if necessary.

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