Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Rochester MN for a Felony Charge

Many people who are arrested and charged with a crime they did commit assume there is no way to get out of it. The police have all the evidence to charge them, and they don’t have a viable defense. The truth is, they may still have a defense they can use. a criminal defense lawyer in Rochester, MN knows more about defenses that can be used and how to tell what might work than the average person so there might still be a way to fight the charges.

Just because a person is guilty doesn’t mean they want to spend the maximum amount of time in jail. For a felony charge, they’re going to be sentenced to at least a year in jail. They’ll also lose many of their basic rights like the right to own a gun or the right to vote if they are convicted. Many will want to try to find a way to have the charges lowered so they don’t have as severe of a sentence or dismissed so they can avoid jail time altogether.

A criminal defense lawyer in Rochester, MN is going to be able to help with this. The lawyer will be able to look at all of the evidence against the person and how it was acquired. If anything was not done properly, they may be able to have the evidence dismissed. This means there isn’t as much the prosecution can use to prove they’re guilty. If important evidence is dismissed, the prosecution may be willing to lower the charge to a misdemeanor in return for a guilty plea. A misdemeanor is not going to have as severe of penalties, so this is often a good choice. If the lawyer can have enough evidence dismissed, however, it might be difficult to prove the person’s guilt. In these cases, the charges may be dismissed altogether, and the person may be free to go.

Just because a person is guilty of a crime doesn’t mean they need to spend years in jail, away from their family and their life. If this is their first time being arrested, they may not know that there are other options that will help keep them out of jail. Instead of just accepting a guilty verdict, anyone who is charged with a felony should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Browse the site for more information.

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