Hiring An Attorney In Iowa To Handle Your Legal Battles

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Law Firms

So you’re walking down an aisle in a grocery store, shopping for milk, when all of a sudden you slip, fall, and hit your head. Apparently the aisle you were walking down was recently mopped, and the store forgot to set up a caution sign. The slip somehow caused you to fracture your ankle, and the hit on the head knocked you unconscious and gave you a concussion. All of this resulted in a trip to the doctor, and a number of tests, procedures, and medication. The doctor’s visit resulted in a hefty hospital bill that you can’t pay for. What do you do now? The answer can be found with a personal injury Attorney Iowa.

These types of incidents happen a lot more often than you think. For most people, the first word that probably pops into their minds is lawsuit. These types of lawsuits also happen quite often. When looking at the previous scenario, you’d think that a case like this would be very simple. Most people assume that the victim will sue the store for pain and suffering, and will receive a fair settlement as a result. However, this doesn’t always happen.

Most businesses have insurance for this type of thing. The insurance covers the store of any financial burden, just in case the business becomes liable for something like an accident. Insurance companies play hard ball in these types of scenarios. Settlements cause insurance companies to lose money. The higher the settlement an insurance company has to pay, the more money they’re losing. This is one of the main reasons why receiving compensation for incidents isn’t as simple as most people think.

Insurance companies have a retainer of lawyers who will try every trick in the book to avoid giving you the compensation you deserve. The insurance company will likely provide you a settlement, but there’s a good chance it’ll be far less than you’re seeking. You need a personal injury Attorney Iowa firm to represent you. Far too many people go into this situation unprepared for the legal battle that’s ahead. It’s your attorney’s job to fight legal battles. Give your attorney all the information they need in order to develop a solid case against the store and insurance company.

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