Hiring Professional Flooring Services for Installation of Various Materials

Companies specializing in Flooring Services in Greeley CO can install a broad range of materials in residential settings, whether the customers want carpeting or a hard surface. Both of those options are available in a wide variety as well, from materials to textures to colors and patterns.


Laminate has become increasingly popular because it mimics the aesthetics of other materials like hardwood, tile and stone while costing less to have installed. It also is less vulnerable to damage from moisture and from food and beverage spills than wood flooring is.

Linoleum and Vinyl

Homeowners who are interested in other materials known for durability and resistance to moisture may also be interested in linoleum and vinyl from Flooring Services in Greeley CO. These are common choices for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. Vinyl is a type of plastic whereas linoleum is manufactured from natural components like cork, wood flour, jute and mineral fillers like calcium carbonate. These are both affordable options, although some higher-end linoleum costs more.


Depending on the materials, the products can be installed in sheets, tiles of various sizes, and planks. The aesthetic goal of the homeowners is often the main consideration. If the laminate floor is to look like hardwood, for instance, planks usually are chosen. Vinyl and linoleum tiles tend to be more pleasing aesthetically than sheets.

Real Wood

Of course, many homeowners insist on real wood for floors, at least in certain rooms where moisture and spills are not common issues. Wood is typically seen in living rooms, great rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Some homeowners have it installed throughout the entire house, however, since they love the look and the authenticity that much.

Carpeting Considerations

Homeowners who want carpeting installed by a company such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard Surfaces, Inc. in at least some of the rooms will need to think about whether they want plush texture or a low-pile material that is extremely easy to keep clean. Both styles can be very attractive, but some are more suited toward certain uses than others are. Information on this particular supplier can be seen at Aestheticflooring.com. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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