Hiring Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Dayton, OH

A slip and fall accident can easily lead to injuries and loss of wages. When someone becomes hurt due to a fall in a business, taking steps to prove who was at fault becomes a necessity if compensation for medical costs and lack of employment is desired. Most people will seek the help of slip and fall accident lawyers in Dayton, OH to help. Here are some points to consider if you need an attorney to help prove negligence caused your injury to occur.

Get Physical Evidence of the Conditions

After a fall happens, it is important to document the condition of the surroundings to help prove they were not up to par. If possible, take photographs of the area where the fall happened. This shows what obstructions were in the way or what the floor or ground looked like at the time the fall took place.

Be Aware of Those in the Vicinity

Knowing who was around at the time of the incident can be extremely helpful for a settlement case. People who were in the area when the fall happened may have seen the condition of the area, which could help prove it was not safe. An attorney will assist with tracking down potential witnesses if needed. Check cell phone footage for images or videos of people in the background of the incident to help in the identification process.

Listen to Doctor’s Orders

The physician that provides you with care after your slip and fall accident will also give you documentation about your injuries if requested. Make sure to retain this paperwork to use in a court of law if needed. Follow your doctor’s orders exactly. Failure to comply with the recommendations your physician makes will appear unfavorable to those making decisions about the possibility of monetary reimbursement.

When there is a need to hire slip and fall accident lawyers in Dayton, OH, finding one with plenty of experience with previous cases is a must. Click here to find out more information about the services provided to clients or to obtain our phone number to schedule a consultation.

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